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Tonello presents Water Brush: Jeans for Humans

After the victory at the first ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award for its NoStone® denim finishing technology developed with Levi Strauss & Co., Tonello announced that its Water Brush was named Launch of the Year at last week’s Future Materials Awards.

The Water Brush system perfected by Tonello introduces a revolutionary change to the world of denim garment treatment. The whitening and abrasion process for jeans can now be obtained without using permanganate or any other chemical products and without manual brushing. This protects the safety and health of the operators, while fully respecting the environment and workplace.

Tonello Water Brush Jeans for Humans


Permanganate and manual brushing: limits and problems:

  • Both procedures are very irritating and harmful for the eyes, the skin and the respiratory system;
  • Permanganate leaves a residue after application and must therefore be neutralized, requiring a significant consumption of water and energy;
  • The use of sandpaper or manual brushing releases dust into the work environment;
  • Permanganate is highly polluting for the environment;
  • Both methods require considerable labour (whereas Water Brush needs just one operator).


The process is totally ecological, because it runs on water but consumes none: a large tank beneath the spray robot collects the water used for whitening the garment, filters it, and sends it back to the robot through a recirculation system.



In essence, the technology perfected by Tonello consists of:

  • A robot that whitens and abrades the garment by spraying water under high pressure;
  • A central column to alternate two mannequins, one in the loading/unloading position and the other in the working position;
  • A tank for collecting the water, with a filtration and recirculation system.


The system thus eliminates all those human variables that enter into the use of permanganate and manual brushing, making it possible to obtain uniform manual processes that can be established once and for all, because they are acquired and memorised by the robot.

Tonello Water Brush Sample

Reproducible results, high productivity, top performance on the garment, absolute safety for the operators, extremely reduced consumption and rapid return on investment, elimination of all chemical products from the process, zero environmental impact and absolute healthiness of the garment for the end user: in an absolute nutshell, these are the advantages of the Water Brush process from Tonello.

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