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Wake: from Earth to Heart

100% sustainable, using only organic and fully compostable raw materials.

This is Wake, the first totally natural dyeing system, a result of Tonello research. Research that for years has made visionary, responsible, and ethical choices oriented towards sustainable processes and garment wholesomeness.

Tonello Wake

Wake is healthy both for us and for the environment because it uses only plants and vegetable waste, such as flowers, berries, and roots, dried and infused, with no chemical additives that are harmful. Using it is easy, almost like preparing an herbal tea: in fact, this is a real revolution, a radical change of paradigm.


Wake technology: smart, flexible, and for everyone

Wake can be installed on any Tonello dyeing or washing machine, and can be used together with all our other All-In-One System technologies to obtain unique and personalized effects.

In essence, Wake guarantees some exclusive benefits that already make it a potential market standard:

  • Uses only 100% organic and compostable raw materials
  • The process is sustainable and circular, with no additives
  • Dramatically reduces CO2 emissions
  • Gives great savings in water and energy
  • Guarantees that the dyeing process and the garment are safe and healthy for both the operator and the final consumer

Tonello Wake natural dyeing system

Our choice: visionary, responsible, and ethical

The use of plants and vegetable waste that are safe for our skin because they contain no harmful pigments. A circular process so natural that it allows discharging any solid, compostable, or biodegradable waste directly in nature, without the need for filters. Offers enormous saving in resources. The chance to respect and help the environment by cultivating the products necessary for the process. These are some of the advantages offered by a process that “awakens” the ecological awareness in all of us.


In short, only Wake is like Wake.

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