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The Laundry (R)evolution: The Series

5 episodes that tell the story of a true evolutionary leap in the world of garment finishing, in the name of practicality, transparency, responsibility.

5 videos that introduce you to the protagonists, the stars of an authentic revolution that represents a radical paradigm change and represents our contribution to helping the planet.

Soon to be aired on all Tonello’s channels.

Tonello Laundry Revolution The Series

Episode One: The Beginning.

We’ll discover the starting point of an ambitious project that began last year: reducing waste in the amount of energy and environmental resources used. Since there were no convincing solutions on the market, we decided to take up the challenge ourselves, and at ITMA 2019 we presented our trump card.

We called it “The Laundry (R)evolution”.



Episode Two: The Concreteness.

The revolution comes alive: improving performance while at the same time, reducing consumption. The overview introduces the three simple and decisive steps for achieving this goal.

For garment finishing, it marks the beginning of a new era.




Stay tuned for the next episodes.

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