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Tonello presents ECOfree: the Ozone Revolution

Tonello Research has created a washing system that gives not only the advantages of traditional ozone technology, but also considerable savings in terms of water, energy
and chemicals. Ensuring healthier garments and a safer workplace.

With ECOfree, the ozone is dissolved in the water, removing the indigo during washing. Totally eco-friendly bleaching minimizes health risks for operators. It takes just a few simple steps to apply the system to any normal Tonello machine already in use, extending its life cycle.

ECOfree the ozone revolution

ECOfree, the 10 advantages that make the difference.

  • Improved contrast;
  • Eco-friendly bleach for process control and reproducibility;
  • Pure indigo look;
  • Shorter processing times;
  • Lower purification costs;
  • Less water, less energy, fewer chemicals;
  • Ozone generated either from the air or from concentrated oxygen;
  • One gas generator for two machines, alternatingbetween one and the other;
  • Versatility: the machine can also be used for standard uses;
  • For both sampling and production machines: identical results and perfect reproducibility.


ECOfree, the new frontier in finishing.

ECOfree is the new revolution, giving stunning results by radically changing the traditional process: garments are less flat, with improved contrast and a more natural look. ECOfree makes it possible to reduce or even eliminate some processes, such as rinsing, permanganate spraying and in some cases, even stone washing.

ECOfree: for both sampling and normal production machines, with excellent, consistent, reproducible results. And a single gas generator can be used alternately for two or more machines. The same washing machines can also be used for both standard washing and stone washing processes.


ECOfree, for healthier, more beautiful garments.

We do not just make garment-finishing machines – we create research: this is our real added value. Our Research Centre does not simply design and create more efficient technologies: more than anything, it works to ensure that your garments look great and are absolutely safe to sell and wear.

This too makes ECOfree an authentic revolution. Because not only does it give immediate advantages in terms of costs and production, but it also gives each garment a truly priceless characteristic: healthiness.


ECOfree: safety first.

Machines equipped with ECOfree use the latest ozone technologies, leading the way in terms of safety. Operators always work in ideal conditions. Each machine has a process ozone sensor, showing when the door can be opened and the garments unloaded, as well as an environmental ozone sensor to avoid any health risks.

ECOfree the ozone revolution samples

ECOfree offers you:

  • 50-80% reductions in water consumption, depending on the process used;
  • Shorter process times;
  • Lower water purification costs;
  • Lower electricity bills;
  • Denim with a more contrasted look than with traditional ozone processes;
  • Less backstaining on pockets and denim wefts.


The best denim experience. The lowest water consumption.

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