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Laser Blaze: Blaze Up the Fibers

If you want to bring out the best in a textile fiber, you need to know it inside out. You need to comprehend its essence and foresee how it will behave in every situation. Even the most extreme.

Experience and an in-depth understanding of textiles, a production team of the highest caliber, passion and perfectionism, research and innovation. This is the bedrock of our everyday work. These are the strengths that enable us to share our customers’ objectives of excellence in laser technology too. And to reach them with machines that are always a step ahead of market trends.

This is why, as always, our technology quite simply achieves the best.

Laser Blaze by Tonello

Our new beauty treatment for your garments. In 4 simple steps.


  • User-friendly software

    Our new dedicated laser system software is even more modern, more attractive and more user-friendly. Making your production process smoother, giving you total control over your machines and guiding you through your projects. With the ability to add new applications at any time, your laser treatment will become ever more rapid, simple and precise;

  • Four work positions

    Our laser can treat the garment in all four positions of the mannequin: front, rear, right and left. Real added value, because it means you can complete the design on every part of the trousers, giving them a genuine, naturally worn look;

  • Constant graphic-design assistance

    We offer our customers graphic guidance and assistance, helping them solve any production problem, explaining, suggesting and creating special designs and graphics for laser technology. And, of course, you can always ask us for specific, custom-designed solutions;

  • Optimization of work times

    To optimize your production, we have intervened on two levels. For those who use the Sliding Table system, we have cut out down time completely. For those who use the mannequin system, we have radically reduced rotation and input-output times. All to the advantage of productivity;



Laser Blaze: Discover the new Laser therapy for your garments.

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