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ECOfree: the ozone revolution is here

The result of research by Tonello, ECOfree is a revolutionary ozone washing system that has become the new benchmark for finishing fabrics, for healthier, more beautiful garments. With ECOfree, the ozone is dissolved in water and the indigo is degraded during washing.

ECOfree guarantees reduced consumption of water, energy and chemicals, while giving more pronounced denim effects and better performance than traditional systems, in terms of both the healthiness of the garments and eco-sustainability and worker safety.


In brief, these are the 10 major advantages of ECOfree:

  • Improved contrast;
  • Eco-friendly bleach for process control and reproducibility;
  • Pure indigo look;
  • Shorter processing times;
  • Lower purification costs;
  • Less water, less energy, fewer chemicals;
  • Ozone generated either from the air or from concentrated oxygen;
  • One gas generator for two machines, alternating between one and the other;
  • Versatility: the machine can also be used for standard uses;
  • For both sampling and production machines: identical results and perfect reproducibility.


The new video made by Tonello illustrates this and more.



As well as the company’s owners and technicians, we also hear Luca Soligo, the owner of Everest, a cutting-edge Italian laundry, and Carla Sperotto, of the Ritex laboratory, which tested and certified the ECOfree system.


With ECOfree, Tonello continues its path of innovation. In technology and processes.

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