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The Research Centre shows itself off

Just a few images: rapid, dynamic, evocative. And a series of keywords – dynamism, evolution, quality, research, sustainability, etc. – emphasising the values that every day inspire our work in the company. Just over two minutes of video to promote the great new development of 2014: the innovative Tonello Research Centre, the real heart of the company right from the outset.

New premises, colourful and bright, and new team, young, competent and skilled: giving customers an exclusive service, talking with them, giving them hands-on experience of the technological innovations and of the various garment finishes by Tonello.

Research is Tonello

“Research has always been our real core business, our distinctive added value over that of our competitors. Research is what makes the difference because it means we can come to the market not just as machine manufacturers, but as a partner for the most advanced laundry and finishing companies, as the key interlocutors of top fashion brands. Experience, textile culture, and in-depth knowledge of fibres and of style are the most important components of our success. And we have built them up through constant research, closely integrated with production, in order to create the technologies used to improve the garment performance, helping to reduce costs and setting new standards of economic and environmental sustainability.”

With its prototypes and special effects for fabrics, its experiments with new techniques for washing garments and its stunning graphic designs, the Research Centre does not follow the market, but rather anticipates its trends, with a close eye on customers’ various geographical areas and sectors.




Because, for us, research is everything: it means expanding our knowledge and constantly evolving. Because research is Tonello.

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