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Advanced Technology for Sampling

Tonello stands apart from its main competitors also in terms of sampling technology: its range of washing and dyeing machines has always been outstanding for its completeness and for its ability to faithfully replicate real production processes. All the models make it possible to test and develop recipes and procedures before introducing them on a large scale.

G1 sampling machines are fitted as standard with a B&R control system, a latest-generation microprocessor – which makes it possible to obtain the same, high-quality performance as production machines – as well as a touch screen.

Tonello advanced technology for sampling.

Tonello software optimises the functions of each machine, allowing the user to store a large number of automated programs. Recipes can be easily transferred from one machine to another using a USB drive, and a simple network connection enables control from a PC with the Tonello supervision system as well as interfacing with third-party management systems.

Other key aspects of the entire sampling range include the stainless-steel structure, air conditioning and a now even bigger sampling window in scratch-resistant tempered glass, with an inspection light as standard equipment.

Tonello entire range of sampling machines has been successfully tested by RINA and awarded the Green Label by ACIMIT, recognizing its environmental efficency in terms of emissions of carbon dioxide (Carbon Footprint – CFP) produced during the operation of the machines


G1 16, 35, 60: Top Quality, Reliability and Speed.

Three models designed for different production needs, without ever compromising on top Tonello quality.

These machines are fitted with a high-speed centrifuge and are ideal for sampling using different washing and dyeing processes.

The G1 16 is distinguished by its small cylinder, which makes it ideal for dyeing tests. The garments are turned gently to ensure uniform in-depth penetration of the dye.

The cylinder of the G1 35, on the other hand, is 900 mm in diameter. This is a dyeing machine, which can also be used for washing.

The large 1070 mm diameter of the G1 60 makes this unit ideal for dyeing and washing tests on the garment.


G1 70: Unsurpassed Performance.

The G1 70 is the queen of sampling machines, ideal for testing and perfecting the various washing and dyeing cycles. It faithfully reproduces the processes, effects and performance of production machines: liquor ratio, mechanical action and results. This makes it easy to transfer the recipes directly to production machines with the same liquor ratio, achieving the same results.

With a cylinder diameter of 1323 mm and a peripheral speed that keeps the garments well against the sides, the G1 70 is perfect for both dyeing and washing.

The G1 70 is available in models LW and LW1. Both versions are equipped with pre-centrifuge. The cylinder of the G1 70 LW1 is smaller in volume but with the same diameter, thus reducing the minimum load while maintaining the same liquor ratio.

Common to all the sampling machines in the G1 series is the stainless-steel structure, air conditioning and scratch-resistant sampling window in tempered glass fitted as standard, with built-in inspection light.

In addition to its size and level of performance, the distinguishing feature of the G1 70 is that it can mount all the kits, technologies and devices that can be applied to production machines, even together: ECOfree and Ofree for ozone processing, Kit Batik for special dyeing and finishing effects, Nitrogen for eco-friendly dyes with sulphur colorants, etc.


In other words, the G1 70 series is from every point of view an all-round machine, the very essence of state-of-the-art technology from Tonello.

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  1. Arslan says:

    Can you please provide me a comparison of Tonello LW1 LJ1 420 vs. LD1 LJ1 420 machine. Also can you please share the cost effectiveness if we dye in LD1 machine over LW1 machine. Waiting for your response. Thanx.

    1. Tonello says:

      Dear Mr. Arslan,

      We will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail.

      Thank you.
      Tonello Marketing Team

  2. hnk says:

    does tonello washing machines requires hot water line form an external water boilers

    1. Alberto says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail with further information.

      Kind regards,

  3. Zulfiqar says:

    Dear Marketing team

    good day

    I need complete specification for the lab scale ,production scale garment denim machines including prices.As we are going to start next garment denim unit in lahore Pakistan


    1. Alberto says:

      Dear Zulfiqar,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail with further information.

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