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Tonello at Bangladesh Denim Expo

After the great success at ITMA ASIA and the participation in “Great Ideas in Cotton” conference in Hong Kong, the Italian company Tonello is now preparing for exhibiting at Bangladesh Denim Expo with its latest technologies and a new Research team, competent and skilled.

Tonello is preparing for Bangladesh Denim Expo with new technologies and new innovative finishing systems which will draw the attention of the many visitors attending the exhibition. An example is one of the company latest developments: ECOfree, described by the company as the ozone revolution.

Tonello will showcase sustainable technologies at Bangladesh Denim Expo.

This new ozone washing system is capable of creating a pure indigo look with greater contrast on the seams while saving up to 80% in terms of water, energy and time. Another incredible feature of ECOfree is that in many cases it is possible to avoid stone-wash processes, making the working environment completely safe and healthy, while obtaining even better results.

This brand-new technology will be presented exclusively at Bangladesh Denim Expo, as Tonello really believe in Bangladesh, as well as other Asian countries, to invest more and more in sustainable technologies like this.

“ECOfree is truly a revolution, not only in the process, which is radically transformed, but also in the results. Here, the ozone is placed inside a washing machine and dissolved in water to remove the indigo during washing. This makes it possible to reduce both the number of baths and the treatment time, obtaining a bright, contrasted bleach effect. The ozone is also completely neutralised in the machine, allowing the operator to handle the garments without risk”, explained Mrs. Alice Tonello, Marketing Manager of Tonello in a recent interview, emphasizing how much the company is into the sustainability business.

The system was recently featured in a video where, as well as the company’s owners and technicians, you can hear a comment by Luca Soligo, owner of Everest, a cutting-edge Italian laundry, and Carla Sperotto, of the Ritex laboratory, which tested and certified the ECOfree system.



Another great new development of 2014 is the innovative Tonello Research Centre, the real heart of the company right from the outset. With its prototypes and special effects for fabrics, its experiments with new techniques for washing garments and its stunning graphic designs, the new Research Centre does not follow the market, but rather anticipates its trends, with a close eye on customers’ various geographical areas and sectors.

“Research has always been our real core business, our distinctive added value over that of our competitors. Research is what makes the difference because it means we can come to the market not just as machine manufacturers, but as a partner for the most advanced laundry and finishing companies, as the key interlocutors of top fashion brands”, explained Mr. Flavio Tonello, Managing Director of Tonello.

Since its foundation in 1981, Bangladesh has been one of the most driving market for Tonello. The company started out by producing just washing machines for the home market, but soon, thanks to an huge, increasingly success, the Italian company decided to diversify and amplify its production. Today as yesterday as everyday, the name of Tonello is synonymous of sustainability, reliability, safety and the highest quality standards not only for washing, but also for dyeing and finishing.

Besides presenting ECOfree at the Green Expo, Tonello will also share its latest news and developments during a Seminar which will be held the 12th of November 2014 from 10:30 am to 11.30 am. During the seminar, Bangladesh Denim Expo visitors will be enlightened and educated on Tonello innovative solutions and they will also get a chance to ask questions, understanding in depth the capabilities of its revolutionary technology.



You can find Tonello the 11th and 12th of November 2014 at the Hall #2 – Usthab Banquet Hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dhaka, Booth no. 21.

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