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Tonello introduces Mago: a new remote assistance service

Today we are proud to introduce Mago, a new assistance service that is unique and different.
In fact, Mago is not your everyday remote service. It is much much more; it’s a fast track of communication and dialogue that takes our collaboration and partnership to the next level.

Mago allows us to always stand by our customers and act fast to solve any malfunction of our machines or, even better, to prevent them.


With Mago the customer connects directly with Tonello Research Center experts and receives customized consultancy on how to treat the garment. This service is what makes the difference compared to your standard remote assistance.

In short, with Mago you can reach solutions, imagine scenarios, improve day-to-day work, optimize investments (machines always function perfectly and their value is maintained for a longer period of time). Thanks to Mago today we already can give effective answers that are fast and that get the job done, because it has us working side-by-side with the customer, wherever he or she may be, just as if we were there on site.

Obviously, we’re not talking about a “trick”, but rather about “transparent” technology—about a smart system that once you have installed it, simply works.


With Mago you can:

  • Solve any problems from afar, either with assistance or on your own;
  • Perform rapid diagnostics of the software installed on the Tonello machines, checking the alarms record and analyzing the warnings;
  • Check and adjust optimal operation parameters;
  • Install, update and supervise from PC, PLC and Netwash remote software;
  • Constantly monitor production, consulting machine reports in real-time.


Safety, Savings, Flexibility

In order to access the service, the customer just has to connect the Tonello machines to one or more certified Ethernet networks that in turn are connected to a smart box (one for each Ethernet network). The data travel safely and rapidly through a tunnel protected by VPN protocol, which guarantees maximum privacy and confidentiality.

The service is free for one year from the date of machine purchase. Afterwards, you can use it on a needs-basis paying the hourly rate under the remote assistance contract each time or by purchasing a set number of hours for a flat rate with the maximum flexibility.


Mago, In Word and Deed

Here at Tonello we have always been a proud standard-bearer for technology developed in Italy. That’s why we chose to give this innovative remote assistance and consultancy service an Italian name. It only seems right to call it “mago” (wizard) because it truly gives the quality of our customer relations a striking boost, everywhere around the world.

Therefore, Mago is magical. There’s no doubt about it: it’s tangible and real.

One thought on “Tonello introduces Mago: a new remote assistance service”

  1. Mago is really much much interesting thing and i hope Tonello customers now will be more relaxed and comfortable Thanks Tonello for this

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