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Tonello at DTG 2015

Tonello will strengthen its already solid presence in Bangladesh by participating at the 12th Dhaka Int’l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition from 4 to 7 February 2015. At the fair, the Italian company will presents in premiere Mago, a new remote assistance service.

Fresh from the recent participation at Bangladesh Denim Expo last November, Tonello is in Dhaka again, premiering its first big news of 2015: Mago. This innovative remote assistance service allows Tonello to always work side-by-side with its customers, wherever they are, just as if it was there on site.

Tonello at DTG 2015.

Mago can be easily installed on every Tonello machine equipped with a PC or a PLC, being a dyeing machine, the ECOfree system or a laser machine and allows Tonello staff to solve any possible malfunction or, even better, to prevent them in record time.

In order to access the service, customers just have to connect Tonello machines to one or more certified Ethernet networks that in turn are connected to a smart box (one for each Ethernet network). The data travel safely and rapidly through a tunnel protected by VPN protocol, which guarantees maximum privacy and confidentiality.

But Mago is much more than this. With Mago, customers connect directly with Tonello Research Center experts and receives customized consultancy on how to treat the garment. This service is what makes the difference compared to a standard remote assistance.


The main advantages of Mago are the following:

  • Solve any problems from afar, either with assistance or on your own;
  • Perform rapid diagnostics of the software installed on the Tonello machines, checking the alarms record and analyzing the warnings;
  • Check and adjust optimal operation parameters;
  • Install, update and supervise from PC, PLC and Netwash remote software;
  • Constantly monitor production, consulting machine reports in real-time.

It’s obvious that all these advantages are translated in a huge saving of time, an optimization of production (machines are never idle and are employed to their full potential), therefore in a big economic advantage.



In addition to Mago, Tonello will showcase at DTG 2015 one of its latest developments: ECOfree.

This new ozone washing system is capable of creating a pure indigo look with greater contrast on the seams while saving up to 80% in terms of water, energy and time. Another incredible feature of ECOfree is that in many cases it is possible to avoid stone-wash processes, making the working environment completely safe and healthy, while obtaining even better results.

This brand-new technology was first presented at Bangladesh Denim Expo, as Tonello really believe in Bangladesh to invest more and more in sustainable technologies like ECOfree.


“With Tonello ECOfree we can reduce a lot of water, chemicals and processing times and we have a very short return on investment. The machine is totally safe for our staff, but the most important point is that we can reach a pure indigo look that we are no able to reach with other ozone systems”, commented Luca Soligo, owner of Everest, the first-ever laundry to use the ECOfree system for production.

By adopting Tonello innovative technologies, companies and brands can extremely reduce water, chemicals and energy consumption, reducing at the same time costs while preserving the environment.


You can find Tonello from February 4 to 7 at the Hall #2 – Booth no. 252, Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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