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Tonello presents Multicolour Laser

Thanks to a special patent pending process and resins developed by Zaitex and Tonello specific research and know-how in laser treatment, we can now colour denim and any other fabric as we always wanted to do.

Multicolour Laser is the result of an accurate investigation combining a special resin by Zaitex with Tonello sustainable technologies. The study included several tests with the various parameters of Tonello Laser on different types of fabrics (e.g. cotton, leather, seamless fabric) each one with different kind of finishings and dyes.

Tonello Multicolour Laser

The resin is homogeneously applied onto the garments and is then permanently imprinted on the fabric through a special setting of Tonello Laser.

All the tests developed have led us to perfect this incredible innovation, which will revolutionize the laser finishing market. With Tonello Laser is now possible to create colour and contrast effects on any kind of fabric as with a printer and, by taking advantage of the various functionalities of Kit Batik, achieving astounding colour shades on the garment.

Multicolour Laser is a truly revolution for the laser finishing market because it changes completely the concept of laser itself, until now used only to discolour or cut the fabric. Thanks to the in-depth study conducted, we can now colour garments with laser, achieving results never seen before.

To celebrate the new development Tonello Research has created a collection called Prism which shows the full range of effects achievable by combining the special resin with Tonello technologies.

Tonello Multicolour Laser

The new development exploit two of the most sustainable efficient Tonello technologies: Kit Batik and Laser Blaze.


Kit Batik is a special technology installable on any Tonello washing and dyeing machine. It can be used to create colour and special dyeing effects (e.g. Antarctic Batik, Multicolour Batik, Fading Batik) and to apply resins, eco-softeners, soil release, anti-stress, wrinkle free, water and oil repellent products and more besides on denim and ready to dye garments.
The Batik process is realized inside of the machine in a completely automatic way requiring no manual handling at all and is eco-friendly: 96% of water and 80% of product are saved per process.

Laser Blaze is the most recent model of laser machine developed by Tonello. The machine can recreate vintage effects such as localized wear, whiskers and breakages by means of the action of a laser beam. It can also create patterns, illusory holes, patches and amazing tridimensional effects.
Laser Blaze distinguish itself for the ability to treat all four positions of jeans, giving them a genuine, naturally worn look and to achieve perfect homogenity on every point of the working area. It also contains a library full of ready-to-mark projects developed by a team of laser designers. The same library is constantly upgraded following the upcoming fashion trends.

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