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Multicolour Laser Package

We are bound to revolutions: after the ozone and ECOfree revolution, the Laser revolution arrives now.

Starting today, with Tonello Laser, you can colour Denim and any other fabric the way you always wanted to, but never dared asking for. All of this is now possible thanks to a special resin, our research and the great experience Tonello has in laser treatments.

The new Multicolour Laser package created by Tonello is the final solution for all brands and dyeing plants that always want to follow the newest trends and to distinguish their service.

The Multicolour Laser package includes:

  • Know-How: As well as information and instructions for use of the laser, Tonello provides training with a specialised engineer; in this way the laser can be used to obtain excellent results in the best possible way. It seems almost unnecessary to highlight how a perfect knowledge of the package, exclusively provided by our training, enables you to obtain unique and previously unthinkable effects, such as the application of several colours and the creation of shades and different tones of the same colour;
  • A collection of graphic ideas, patterns and designs especially studied and divided in different categories;
  • A starter-set of resins and pigments to start your sampling tests straight away.

Tonello Multicolour Laser

The new Multicolour Laser package contains a world of technical, creative and productive opportunities, with a potentially endless range of applications.

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