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G1 Lab: the smallest Tonello ever

G1 Lab is the Tonello way of sampling: a truly compact dyeing machine that faithfully simulates real production processes, for testing and perfecting recipes and processes before implementing them on a large scale.



Tonello, advanced sampling technology

The basic idea is simple: sampling is not much use if it only means trying out a finishing process – washing or dyeing – in purely theoretical working conditions.

This is why Tonello has created machines that faithfully reproduce real production processes.

G1 Lab is the smallest ever machine from Tonello. As its name suggests, it is designed for the lab, but this does not prevent it from reproducing the exact results of production machines.

G1 Lab works in exactly the same way, with the same liquor ratio, same programming, and same recipes (which may be used just as they are on “real” machines). And it can also be managed remotely using MAGO, Tonello’s remote assistance system.

The machine may be small, but the technology is big. Very big.



G1 Lab: advantages

  • Minimum load: 50 g. (requires no ballast garments to be thrown away at the end of the cycle);
  • Maximum load: 1 kg, so even a complete pair of trousers can be dyed;
  • The machine maintains the same minimal liquor ratio with any type of load, just like production machines;
  • Uses the same programs as production machines;
  • Recipes easily transferred to production machines, and vice versa;
  • Electrical heating in place of steam (so the machine can easily be placed next to water and electricity outlets);
  • G1 Lab is stackable and can be placed anywhere – even on a normal table;
  • Remote recipe management, using the MAGO remote assistance service.

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