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Tonello opens the world’s first Laser Design Shop

Our new site hosts the first online shop with laser designs and graphics: an ample library of images from simple to complex, that can be used with any machine. These can be used for large or small samples, and combined with washes, dyes and finishes so that you can create unique garments in very little time and without heavily investing in equipment or personnel. Everything is always at your fingertips 24/7.

Tonello Laser Design Shop

Here are the main features of the shop:

  • Exclusive custom designs: contact us and send us a picture of the garment to be reproduced by laser (or explain the effect desired). We will realize personalized and exclusive designs for you or, if you lack ideas, our designers will help you find the design you are looking for, and then reproduce it up for you;
  • Seasonal updates of our designs studied and researched by experts in the world of denim and fashion. Combining the various settings of the laser with washings and finishes, a single design offers access to infinite technical and creative possibilities;
  • Ready-to-use: once downloaded, the design can be used immediately for small samples and large productions;
  • Together with the files for the laser, every download also includes a data sheet for washing with tips and guidelines for getting the most from the design you have chosen (we don’t need to stress how important correct washing is for the quality of the laser treatment);
  • Assistance on purchases: for every design purchased, our laser technicians will help you to implement it, step-by-step, in your production process.


Access now our endless technical and creative possibilities, ask us for personalized solutions and get assistance for all your purchased drawings; register and try the world’s first Laser design shop, another innovative service from Tonello.




2 thoughts on “Tonello opens the world’s first Laser Design Shop”

  1. Keith says:


    Could you pls give more detail & fees for your laser online shop?

    1. Alberto says:

      Hello Keith, thank you for your comment.

      You can view the price of each laser design by logging into our website.
      If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards

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