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Tonello at Bangladesh Denim Expo

This month, the capital of Bangladesh will turn indigo blue, as it will host Bangladesh Denim Expo, from April 25 to 26. The show celebrates the country’s role in shaping the denim scene today, and explores Bangladesh’s position in the industry of the future. And it will have a strong focus on investment for education and training for young people. To build a future, we must transfer knowledge internally to a new generation of designers, merchandisers, buyers, production technicians and entrepreneurs in the Bangladesh denim industry.

Tonello at Bangladesh Denim Expo

Tonello will exhibit at Bangladesh Denim Expo for the second time, showcasing its latest advances in sustainable denim processing. And it will does so by presenting a Safe Collection made up of garments finished without the use of hazardous chemicals, nor harmful techniques, making it safe for both the environment, the workers and the final consumer. Garments from the Safe Collection are characterized by an attractive, authentic vintage look, proving the unlimited capabilities of sustainable finishing.


Among the technologies presented at the exhibition and employed for the Safe Collection we have:

  • NoStone®, a new system developed in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. to overcome the economic, mechanical and environmental limitations of existing stone-wash processes. The NoStone® system eliminates the use of pumice stone, replacing it with a stainless-steel abrasive drum, fastened to the washing machine. Winner technology at the recent ITMA Sustainable Innovation Awards.
  • ECOfree, a washing system that combines the advantages of traditional ozone technology, with considerable savings in terms of water, energy and chemicals, ensuring healthier garments and a safer workplace. Finalist technology at ITMA 2014 Future Materials Awards.
  • Laser Blaze, the laser finishing to the nth degree. Tonello recently launched the world’s first Laser Design Shop, an ample library of images from simple to complex, that can be used with any machine.


On the 26th of April, Flavio Tonello, CEO of Tonello, will also hold a seminar entitled “Towards a Clean Denim”, explaining the company’s contribution to a healthier denim industry. In his speech, he will also bring a concrete example of safe finishing applied to a pair of jeans, starting from a sample realized the traditional way. At the end, a comparison between the safe finishing and the traditional one will be highlighted.

6 thoughts on “Tonello at Bangladesh Denim Expo”

  1. we would like to know about energy saving of ECO free washing Machines compared with standard washing machines..

    1. Alberto says:

      Dear Abdul Muthalib M,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We forwarded your questions to our representative for your Country.
      He will contact you very soon with more information on our ECOfree system.

      If you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

      Thank you and best regards.

  2. Kazi Rezaul Hasan says:

    Hi Alberto
    Pls. inform the capasity in kgs ( how many kgs of garments it can wash) of the following many litre for one kg. what is the FOB price & approximate freight charges, hope you will not refer to your local agent. I need to get this information from your end.
    G1 35HW
    G1 70 LW1
    G1 60 HW

    1. Alberto says:

      Dear Kazi Rezaul Hasan,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail with further information.

      Kind regards,

  3. Sam says:

    HI ,
    Could you share in Bangladesh which all are washing units equipped with nostone and sustainable washing machines of yours ?

    1. Alberto says:

      Dear Sam,

      Thank you for your interest.
      We will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail with further information.

      Kind regards,

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