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Tonello introduces Safe Garment collection

Tonello’s Safe Collection features denim garments with an authentic worn-out look that are safe for workers to treat and for consumers to wear. This achievement was perfected by combining different technologies and, in the same way, by avoiding the use of any type of hazardous chemicals. An example of this is potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite, two both toxic and polluting products of standard use in the finishing of jeans.


At Kingpins Amsterdam, which took place last April, Tonello launched its brand-new Safe Collection, whereby it flaunts an authentic vintage look towards finishing garments in a sustainable manner. For the new collection, Tonello research team has managed to effectively reduce its impact on the environment while it finishes garments. Sure enough, the collection features a process free from any kind of hazardous chemicals and an average water saving of approximately 65% during the finishing phase, when compared to standard processes. With the Safe Collection, Tonello revolutionized once for all the finishing techniques known until now, replacing them with new, innovative systems, good for the Planet, healthy for the people, but with the same attractive look ever.


Five were the technologies employed in the Safe Collection:

  • NoStone®, to realize the best stone-wash ever without using pumice stone. The NoStone® system eliminates the use of pumice stone, replacing it with a stainless-steel abrasive drum, fastened to the washing machine. This drum can create a variety of finishes through flexible abrasion adjustments to create the look and styles varieties consumers love. Due to the mechanical – rather than chemical – nature of the process, the NoStone® effect is the same as that of stone-wash and reduces the carbon footprint created by using pumice stones;
  • Core, to apply a wide range of products automatically, with a constant water saving of 96% (when compared with other systems). Based on needs and the desired outcome, Core can apply particularly high-performance products like eco-softeners, resins for 3D whiskers, water and oil repellent products, antibacterial products etc. It can also create uniform or contrasting effects and for the first time, to dye with extremely low environmental impact, with a 1:1 liquor ratio;
  • Laser Blaze, to create in less than a minute an authentic vintage look without the use of water, nor chemicals. In this field, Tonello’s latest novelty is the Laser Design Shop, a new service aimed at laundries, finishing companies, brands and designers looking for inspiration. Insiders can visit and purchase images, patterns and treatments from a wide online library;
  • ECOfree, to realize an ecological bleach on fabrics, with an improved contrast, especially on the seams. With ECOfree, the ozone is dissolved in the water, removing the indigo during washing. Garments are less flat and with a more natural look. ECOfree makes it possible to reduce or even eliminate some processes, such as rinsing and permanganate spraying. Totally eco-friendly bleaching minimizes health risks for operators, who always work in ideal conditions.



These five technologies, combined and intertwined one another, represented the right ingredients for the perfect recipe: a genuine denim collection made up of sustainability, safety at all levels and a contemporary, fashionable look. Satisfying the demands of the most sophisticated brands and consumers. Top performance on the garment, elimination of all chemical products from the process, absolute healthiness of the garment for the end user, maximum safety for the operators and a reduced water consumption: in an absolute nutshell, these are the advantages of the Safe Collection from Tonello.

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  1. I am looking for the different new Tecchnology . specially new technology less water consumption .

    1. Alberto says:

      Dear Khandaker Mahfuz Ul Alam,

      Thank you for your comment. We will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail with further information.

      Kind regards,
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