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Tonello and Kaltex at Kingpins New York

Tonello joined forces with Kaltex for the New York edition of Kingpins, the international show dedicated to denim insiders. Together, they presented the Konscious collection, featuring garments processed ecologically in all phases of production and with an authentic worn-out look. Innovative fabrics, cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary finishing techniques: these were the constituent elements of a successful collaboration. Bringing sustainable fashion to the market.


The Konscious Collection by Tonello and Kaltex is characterized by a sustainable approach in each phase of garment’s development: from the use of organic and recycled fibers, to eco-friendly finishings. This achievement was possible by mixing together Kaltex’s high-end textile products and innovations in denim development, with Tonello’s latest technologies for garment treatment.


The main features of the Konscious Collection are:

  • Sustainability: latest innovations have made possible to drastically reduce the consumption of water, energy and chemicals, reducing to a minimum the impact on the environment. An example is the Aqua Minus Project by Kaltex, a dye system that eliminates rinsing in the process of denim production, and NoStone® by Tonello, to create an authentic stone-wash look without the use of pumice stone;
  • Safety: no hazardous chemicals were employed throughout the entire process, such as potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite, guaranteeing a safer workplace and a healthy garment;
  • Look: forget predictable, boring looks. Tonello’s latest technologies give latitude to creativity, allowing to create the most fashionable and authentic worn-out effects.



About Kaltex

Grupo Kaltex is a Mexican owned, vertically integrated conglomerate. After growing steadily for nearly a century, Grupo Kaltex is now a full service textile company that produces acrylic fiber, yarn, fabrics, clothing and home textile products. It employs more than 18,000 people in North, Central and South America, and exports its products around the world.

About Tonello

Tonello is the global leader of garment finishing technologies that, since 1981, has been contributing to the success that made in Italy has enjoyed all over the world. Thanks to its cutting-edge machines and its one-of-a-kind service, it acts side by side with its customers creating a link between the stylists and the companies working, dyeing and finishing the garments. With more than 7000 machines sold worldwide, Tonello is considered the reference point for the garment finishing industry.

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