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DEN/IM: I am Denim

This year, at Munich Fabric Start, from August 30 to 31, four companies, leader in their respective market segments, have chosen to astonish the world by presenting a total look collection – from jackets to knitwear, from underwear to shoes… –  entirely realized with a cool and innovative stretch fabric: DEN/IM.


Santoni, reference point in the production of seamless circular knitting machines had the idea: imagining a material made up of indigo yarns produced by Unitin, combined with high-performance Tencel® fibers by Lenzing and treated as it was denim with Tonello finishing technologies.

“This indigo-based concept, not seen previously on seamless garments, fits perfectly into this rapidly evolving life-style concept”, says Patrick Silva, Santoni Marketing Manager.

Santoni has developed a new and complete total look capsule collection that offers body hugging, comfortable, sporty, chic and trendy denim items from head to toe.

This product concept further enhances the idea of innovative knit denim as a counter-point to the traditional woven denim fabric. The genuine DNA of denim is maintained with contributions from Lenzing, Unitin and Tonello.

“We are always looking to the future when thinking about embedding Tencel® fiber further into the denim market”, says Michael Kininmonth, Business Development Manager for Lenzing. “Having previously worked with Unitin indigo yarns on a flat-bed knit project and knowing the innovative garment processing developments Tonello have brought to the market, the decision to work on such a project was an easy one”.

A great attention has been given to environmental aspects from the class-leading manmade cellulosic fiber in Tencel® to the low-impact finishes developed by Tonello, such as laser and ozone. In addition, Santoni with its seamless technology, guarantees to have fewer machines involved in the production flow chart, lower energy costs, smaller machine footprint and a shorter production process.

Athleisure is all about comfort, style and performance and so the design, flexibility and styling options that come with seamless technology make Santoni and indigo knits an ideal partnership.

DEN/IM is a revolutionary brand-new product, which didn’t existed before: a true Denim that goes beyond itself to change the rules of the game.

Munich Fabric Start Bluezone

On August 30, starting at 2:00 PM, Alice Tonello will take part in the sustainability panel “How to build my sustainable brand – from scratch to store”, sharing her thoughts concerning sustainable garment processing. The panel will be moderated by Panos Sofianos of Munich Fabric Start and Sabine Kühnl of Sportswear International.


DEN/IM: I am Denim.

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  1. RizwanHaider says:

    Need new update & technical revolution in denim manufacturing & washing.

    1. Alberto says:

      Dear Rizwan Haider,
      Thank you for your comment.

      To see all our latest news in denim finishing, I suggest you to check all our blog posts, as well as the New Technology category of our machines.

      If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us by accessing our contact page.

      Best regards.

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