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Tonello presents Core: The Secret Plus

Bringing out all the technical potential of a fabric and giving it added value requires machines and technologies that are capable of conveying emotions. And capable of optimizing the performance of each individual garment. In other words, what is needed is truly innovative technology: Core.

More than 12 years ago we launched onto the market Batik. At that time it was still a rudimentary system to create vintage effects on garments, in a semi-automated way. Many years have passed and many tests and improvements have been done. It’s now time to present you Core, that is not the best version of Batik. It’s even more: a new, fundamental step towards the future of finishing. Actually, an innovative technology that works like magic.

Tonello Core

Core is a new technology that can be applied to Tonello washing and dyeing machines of various sizes. It is capable of creating uniform or contrasting effects that go beyond fleeting fashions to bring out the full potential of the garment. It also lets you apply a broad range of products which it remarkably lowers the consumption of.

Core also drastically reduces water use: for the first time, it makes it possible to create special dyes with extremely low environmental impact, with a 1:1 liquor ratio. The process is rapid, completely automatic and programmable. It ensures top performance and is applied inside the machine, requiring no special preparation or tying. Core is fully interfaced with the machine and can be implemented in any production cycle without interrupting the process.


Core: advantages

  • Savings of 50-80% on products and 96% on water;
  • Suitable for a wide range of products;
  • Improved application performance;
  • Reduced process times;
  • Versatility: the same machine can be used for every process;
  • Program specially created for each Tonello model;
  • Library with a wealth of exclusive recipes;
  • Course held by an expert Tonello technician.



Core can also apply particularly high-performance products based on the desired outcome:

  • Eco-softeners;
  • Anti-stain, anti-stress and wrinkle free products;
  • Anti-static and hydrophilic softeners;
  • Resins for 3D whiskers/creases;
  • Water and oil repellent products;
  • Anti-UV and antibacterial products;
  • Easy care and skin care products, essences.

Tonello Core Garments

Core: the new way to be Batik.

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