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Tonello Creative Area, where ideas are born

Tonello strikes again. And it does so both concretely and resoundingly, choosing, once again, to distinguish themselves on the market as a producer of ideas even more than a producer of machines and processes.

Tonello Creative Area

We’ve dedicated this area to research and experimentation, with the invaluable collaboration of a “guru” the likes of Piero Turk. It’s a space that is the direct offshoot of our Research Centre, which has been appreciated over the years for its ability to churn out sustainable, energy-saving, and healthy-garment innovations (ECOfree, NoStone®, and Core are very significant names for experts in the sector).

All this at the service of our customers, brands and designers, who, with the support  of our company’s technicians and researchers, are able to transform their ideas into reality, experimenting, using trial and error to perfect treatments, special effects, and washes; inspired by the evolution of fashion, breathing history, reliving the past to reinvent the present and imagine a future of freedom and fantasy.

And this creative area will also become a real school, a craft shop, where real training will take place, and where the “masters” of denim can meet and pass on their wealth of experience and knowledge.

With the foresight and practicality that has always marked the company, Tonello has once again aimed high, aware of its unique know-how and the authority gained in over 35 years of presence on the world market in the service of “Made in Italy”.

Tonello Creative Area

In the Tonello Atelier, in short, the garments in the gestational stage can see the light. They can be analyzed, studied, optimized, changed, and tested: the complete view of all treatments will allow the exploration of the many technological possibilities and the thousands of special effects that, with Tonello machines, have become absolutely normal.

“This new creative area”- says Alice Tonello, R&D manager of the company – “is the natural outcome of our philosophy: a concrete service for our customers that goes beyond the simple fact of being a manufacturer of machines.”

So with this new “shop” Tonello transforms once more. From a producer of ideas to an architect of dreams.

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  1. innovation is the key to success and Tonello is always ahead in innovation in garments wet process and I love it Tonello team please keep it up

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