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Tonello Denim Gallery: Denim talks reality

Another new project from Tonello: Denim Gallery, is a bona fide display of “dreams and visions of reality”, as told by 10 Designers from around the world who have used Denim as their canvas for painting, staining, and assaulting in order to express themselves with artistic languages, materials, and concepts. The installation will be one of the coolest events of the 2017 edition of Kingpins and Blueprint, scheduled in Amsterdam from April 19 to 22.

Tonello Denim Gallery

Grace Warland, Matias Sandoval, Serena Conti, Su Kim and Jon Rouleau, Mika Mitarai, Juan Manuel Gomez, Ilinca Trif, Stefan Vella, and Greta Giannini: these are the names of the artists-designers who have tried to answer, very personally and openly, a deceptively simple question: what is reality for you? And Tonello reinterprets these answers, taking full advantage of the latest technologies: from Laser Blaze to ECOfree, from Bohemia to NoStone®, from Ecospray to Core.

Ecology and nature. Fears for an upcoming apocalypse. Cosmological conceptions of the human beings. Investigations of abstract and primordial artistic languages. Contrasts between the natural elements for all manners of living and enjoying life (including excitement). A interweaving of different realities: the past, memories and wars. Realities like slavery that we try to break free from with the force of imagination and our ability to continue trying new escape routes. The bright lights and accelerated times of modern cities. These are the creative ideas that designers have put on canvas, or, rather, “on Denim”.

With the project, Denim Gallery, Tonello wanted to celebrate the thousands of potential expressions of Jeans, emphasizing their multi-directional, multi-sensorial, multi-medial and multi-dimensional expansion with an original combination of art and fashion, painting and performance.

And this is just the beginning, the first installment of a proposed exhibition which will soon have a sequel (that we cannot reveal just yet…).


“Denim Gallery” will not only be seen in Amsterdam during the days of the fairs, but also on Tonello social media, on Facebook and Instagram, beginning with previews, stories, and live videos starting Monday 10 April.

3 thoughts on “Tonello Denim Gallery: Denim talks reality”

  1. Innovation in Denim look is the Demand of time.It is enhancing Denim usage worldwide.

  2. hello, are you planning to make the same project next year?
    how do i become part of the experience as a designer , specialized on denim

    1. Alberto says:

      Hello Diego,

      Thank you for your comment!

      The Denim Gallery was a unique project and at the moment a new edition is not planned.

      However, I invite you to keep an eye on our blog to be updated on the latest news and projects from Tonello.

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