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Inspiring, when Technology meets Creativity

The concept of Inspiring means a lot to us, so much that in a very short time it has become an essential component of our identity.

Tonello Inspiring

Today, for Tonello, Inspiring means basically 4 “things”:

  • An event, a privileged moment for meeting and exchanging ideas at a high level with the brands, designers, and clients we have invited to participate, to give them a better opportunity to understand our evolution, our technology, and our research activities
  • A physical space and a real “soul place”; an atelier full of samples, machines and garments. To freely experiment with solutions, test processes, effects and technologies; in short, a place where ideas begin and grow, and where it is possible to develop new solutions
  • A new, unique and innovative service for project and technological collaboration with our clients who can count on the support of our technicians and will be able to sample our technologies, our processes, and our accessories to obtain surprising and innovative effects
  • A team of professionals, technicians, researchers, and highly creative people, guided by the experience of Massimo Falaguasta and Piero Turk

A new mentality that today finds its realization in our new Creative Area, in our brand new space called “Inspiring”. Offering our clients the opportunity for direct discussions, reporting, learning, keeping up-to-date, and comparing and contrasting with those who live every day in the world of textiles and fashion, who breath it, work it and know all its secrets and potential.

Tonello Inspiring pictu

Obviously, all this does not mean that we deny our nature and our mission as producers of processes and technology. On the contrary, it means that we continue to evolve while remaining faithful to what we have always been: producers of ideas and, as of today, fulfillers of dreams.


Combining technology and creativity.

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