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Bangladesh Denim Expo 2017: Towards a Transparent Denim Industry

“Towards a Transparent Denim Industry”: This is the title of the exposition that Tonello is using for its participation in the Bangladesh Denim Expo 2017, being held in Dhaka the 8th and 9th of November. The display will offer an overview of the steps taken by Tonello company towards a greater transparency in the industry. It will be presented on 9 November, beginning at 11.30 a.m., in the seminar hosted by Alice Tonello, the company’s R&D director.


During the seminar “Towards a Transparent Denim Industry”, Alice Tonello will give an overview of the current situation of the denim industry, especially in terms of water consumption and how it will evolve over the next 8 years if nobody will start acting responsibly. She will also illustrate the steps taken over the years by Tonello company to ensure a greater transparency in the industry and how today we can count on technology and production processes that are radically different and increasingly sustainable.

Also Tonello’s latest technologies will be presented, among which the recently-launched ECOfree 2 system, that allows for the very first time to treat garments with ozone both in water and in air.

Tonello Bangladesh Denim Expo 2017

Tonello’s Denim Gallery will also be presented in the during the expo. This is the exhibition event from the recent Kingpins in Amsterdam, which hosted several designers invited to express their conceptions of reality and vision on the denim. The exhibition has traveled all around the world and its winner, Serena Conti, has been acclaimed during the New York Denim Days. Another concrete demonstration of Tonello’s ability to operate on various creative as well as productive stages to give the world’s leading brands not only technologically based answers, but also, and above all, ideas and innovative solutions.

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