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ECOfree 2: the all-in-one system that puts everything inside one technology

A single machine to realize all garment finishing processes: this is the direction we’ve taken to satisfy the most sophisticated requests, with an approach driven by transparency, sustainability and flexibility. With ECOfree 2 and our all-in-one system, we will be present, in April, at Simatex, Saigontex and Kingpins: 3 events to see live the new results of our research.

Tonello ECOfree 2 All-in-one system

From 50 to 100: that is, approximately, how many liters of water are consumed during the traditional finishing of a pair of jeans. A huge quantity, that didn’t include all the other steps that goes from the cotton fiber to the final consumer.

There are now many reliable and impartial sources that indicate that water is becoming a constant problem in our future. These same sources also show that even now, as many as 750 million people lack a sufficient amount of clean, drinkable water.

The production of a simple pair of jeans is an integral part of this global problem.

In order to reduce the amount of water used during processing garments, for many years Tonello has been involved in the development of increasingly efficient and clean production processes.
Core, NoStone® and UP are just a few of the technologies that have come to light and are helping to reach an all-around responsible solution.

Now, thanks to the latest application of ECOfree 2, this goal has never been so close.

By combining all of Tonello technologies, it is possible to reduce the water consumption of a pair of jeans to an absolute minimum and granting, at the same time, access to an endless range of esthetics and looks. Because you should also please the eye.

What is more, is that everything can be done in the same washing machine, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability to all kind of needs. In short, an all-in-one system ready to transform your biggest ideas into the greatest garments, with the minimum consumptions.

Tonello ECOfree 2 denim

Save the dates:

Buenos Aires | Argentina
10-13 April 2018

Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam
11-14 April 2018

Amsterdam | Netherlands
18-19 April 2018

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