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Planet REhab, a capsule collection dedicated to sustainability

Basically we are always and only looking for beauty, in all its forms.
An outer beauty which corresponds harmoniously with the inner one.

A beauty that is not necessarily canonical and objective, but on the contrary, iridescent, surprising, perhaps unsettling. Like the one imagined and designed by Juan Carlos Gordillo for the “Capsule Collection” Planet REhab, being staged in Munich, from the 29th to the 31st of January 2019.

Tonello Planet REhab

The eclectic collection, with  an unmistakable Latin touch, includes 15 female garments that essentially speak to us of nature – the power of the ocean, the warmth of the sun, the magic and the fickleness of the wind – and that in Juan Carlos Gordillo thin and swollen sketches seem to recall, more or less consciously, even the mysterious and elusive charm of Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese.

Above all, these 15 garments tell a story: of respect and collaboration, of shared values, of a common commitment to the detoxification of the planet we live on from the wasted resources, from the invasion of chemical treatments, and aggressive processes with strong impacts.

It is a story to which 4 main characters give their essential contributions:

  • Lenzing, first of all, with its Tencel™ and Tencel™ x Refibra™ fibers, which increase the sustainability of fabrics: made through a low-impact and highly energy efficient process, these decidedly “smart” fibers give softness, stability, and chromatic intensity to fabrics;
  • Tejidos Royo, from Spain, with its valuable and integrally traceable fabrics, produced with a highly sustainable processing cycle;
  • Officina+39, with natural Recycrom dyes, made from recycled clothing and textile scraps.

And then, yes, we are here too, with our All-In-One System that combine Tonello’s star technologies – NoStone®, Up, Core, ECOfree 2 – to drastically reduce the water, energy, and chemical consumption that used to be necessary for denim finishing.

Tonello Planet REhab

The All-in-One System was first conceived from the experimentation carried out in our Research Center, then perfected using the additional suggestions from and collaboration with our clients who wanted to revolutionize with us the concept of laundry, to make it a privileged place for work and experimentation.

“Environmental sustainability, energy saving, and garment wholesomeness have been at the center of our vision, our research, and our production for many years”, says Alice Tonello, Tonello’s R&D director. “We are therefore proud to participate, along with other prestigious companies, at Planet REhab because that work “on the garments” can, all together, plan a future in which fashion, art and design continue to inspire beauty, pleasure and well-being.”

Join us at Munich Fabric Start (January 29-31) and discover our All-in-one system and the Planet REhab collection.
You can find Tonello at the Keyhouse, Booth #21 and the Planet REhab project at the Booth #33.

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