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The Laundry (R)evolution: Simple, Digital, Automatic

Tonello’s signature Laundry (R)evolution is the sophisticated fruit of a radically new conception in garment finishing processes. It is, in effect, a revolution, based on 3 clear words: simple, digital and automatic. And with the All-in-One-System, Tonello is again a finalist at the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Awards.

Tonello Laundry (R)evolution

SIMPLE: the agile innovation

Two technologies centrally manage the entire finishing cycle both efficiently and flexibly, reducing waste and optimizing resources.

Fast, precise, and flexible, Laser Blaze replaces manual abrasion processes allowing the creation of authentic vintage effects as well as the creation of new projects with extreme ease.

Our All-in-One-System performs all washing operations by integrating 4 sustainable technologies into a single machine: ECOfree 2, which uses ozone in both the water and air; NoStone®+ for authentic and pumice-free stone-wash effects; UP, for washing processes with at least 50% less water; Core, a nebulizing system improving performance and reducing water consumption.

Our All-in-One-System has just been proclaimed a finalist at the ITMA Awards 2019: another success, which, 4 years after NoStone®, enriches and makes Tonello’s list of awards totally unique.

Tonello Metro Software

DIGITAL: I.T. for Humans

A completely new, innovative, and user-friendly software program for measuring consumption and operating the entire laundry, optimizing the processes and ensuring unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Metro processes real data, in real time to check all laundry consumption, optimizing processing times, and improving performance. Metro gives concrete and useful information for improving productivity. It brings the entire laundry at your fingertips.

Tonello Mover

AUTOMATIC: work gets smart

Loading, unloading, and moving the garments from one machine to another are managed by Mover, our shuttle, which minimizes manual labor and therefore error, ensuring efficiency and safety at the highest levels. Mover reduces downtime, increases performance, and improves conditions and the working environment.



Responsible, and “lean”, transparent, safe, flexible, easy: in a nutshell, it is the simple and sophisticated revolution of the laundry according to Tonello.

Here and now.

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  1. ahmed samir says:

    I am really impressed by the work done developing the All in one system,

    Much Appreciated,

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