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ITMA 2019, Tonello, a double win in sustainability

After the recognition we received in 2015, with NoStone®, it was difficult to repeat ourselves. This is why we are particularly happy with the results of ITMA 2019, where Tonello won not only one, but two awards.

Tonello ITMA Awards 2019

ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Textile Industry, which has always been at the forefront in promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness, has, in fact, awarded us its coveted Green Label as “the company most committed to exploiting all the functions of the instruments dedicated to the Green Label generation, producing numerous number labels for different machines and updating them over time, in order to communicate continuously updated information about the sustainability path undertaken”.

The ACIMIT Green Label Award 2019, developed in collaboration with RINA Consulting S.p.A., rewards the Italian textile machinery manufacturers that participate in the Sustainable Technologies project.

The recognition goes to the machinery, and consequently to the company, which over the years has shown the greatest improvement in terms of reducing of the Carbon Footprint, and to the reality that has demonstrated the best use of the instruments for creating green labels.

“We have been part of the Green Label project since its inception. Tonello has always focused on the sustainability of its machines, and our Research and Development activity has always been focused on providing innovative and sustainable solutions”. (Flavio Tonello, CEO of Tonello)

The ACIMIT Green Label is therefore a reward not only for sustainability, but also for the transparency of the data that summarizes the “ecological” goals (energy savings, reducing water and additives consumption, circular economy…) achieved with our technologies (data that we rigorously document with our Metro software).

In essence, a certificate of true quality, which for us is very important.

Tonello ITMA Awards

Our participation in ITMA 2019 was then crowned by an astonishing result: in fact, once again we arrived in the finals at the second edition of the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award, along with two prestigious brands in the Denim world, Wrangler® and Lee®.

Our All-in-One System was selected among the innovations that most contribute to the sustainability of the processes adopted by the textile industry.

We consider ours to be a brand totally focused on a more sustainable future, in all fields, and from all points of view. We are, therefore, very proud to work with Wrangler® and Lee® in this direction. And we are doubly happy today, ideally to celebrate with everyone – from collaborators to brands – who believe in us and support us every day in our continually evolving path.


Rest assured, we will soon have other important news!

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