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Stronger together, stronger than ever

We are living in a time of epochal changes that are imposing essential questions on our way of living, working, and producing: questions that we are all asking ourselves, all over the world, all at the same time.

In fact, it has never been so evident that we are all interdependent: we are increasingly aware of this and we cannot pretend that nothing is happening.

Suddenly everything seems older”, a sensational BMW campaign claimed several years ago .

Suddenly everything has changed”, we’re saying today, and that is why we must reflect on this long and hard, in order to find innovative answers and solutions.

At Tonello we’re asking ourselves in particular what “doing business” is going to look like from now on. We are convinced that we’re facing something that is going to accelerate and reorganize the mental processes that were already in progress and that the most forward-looking companies have already been considering.

Perhaps we have a unique, unrepeatable (hopefully), and precious opportunity: to rethink our job in terms of respect, responsibility, and “reliability”.

Tonello Stronger Together

Reliability is a wonderful word, because it encompasses credibility, loyalty, ethics, as well as reliability.

Reliability, understood as trust, as commitment: it means being there, for ourselves, for the people who work with us, for our customers, collaborators, and suppliers. In short, for everyone we work with.

Being a point of reference means a lot to us, reliable people for others: human to human.

In our opinion, Reliability is a value that derives its importance from knowing how to go beyond simple business, and returning to what the company has always been: an organization that provides for people’s well-being, and their economic, cultural, and social growth.

This is an essential asset for the community and for the territory it operates in.


We must imagine new ways and new scenarios.


For some time we have already been carrying out an internal process involving and giving value to our people and the time has now come to share this fundamental value with all of you.

Thus we are inaugurating a “Made by People” section of our blog dedicated to our extended family, to everyone, who face the toughest challenges along with us, with commitment, talent, team spirit, and courage, and with the strength and determination of those who knows they are doing something important and essential.

The faces, the stories, the testimonies of our people will become an integral part of our communication because they are Tonello’s “soul”, and day after day they are the ones who literally, “make” the Tonello Brand.

So today we’re happy not to be talking to you about our “machines” (we’ll get back to that subject as soon as possible, obviously), but we’re introducing our “souls” to you: from marketing to production, from administration to “service”, from sales to management.

Tonello Stronger Together

Because real strength lies in people.

Even more united, even though far apart,

we will go back to living with even greater passion.

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