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#MadeByPeople: Stefano Isonni

Today we’re happy not to be talking about our “machines”, but we’re introducing our people to you: from marketing to production, from administration to “service”, from sales to management.
The faces, the stories, the testimonies of our people are Tonello’s “soul”, and day after day they are the ones who literally, “make” the Tonello Brand.

This first chapter will be starring Stefano Isonni, Tonello’s R&D technologist.

Stefano Isonni Tonello Technologist

  • How long have you worked at Tonello and what role do you play there?

I have been working at Tonello since September 2016. I have always worked as a technologist, specializing in garment dyeing and washing processes.

My goal is to create new dyeing and washing effects through the use of sustainable technologies. One of my main duties is also to train those who own Tonello machines. For this reason I spend at least one week a month abroad, at our customers’ laundry facilities.


  • In just a few words, tell us about your story in Tonello.

It was certainly a big surprise. When I sent my curriculum to Tonello I had no idea what the company was, I only knew that it was part of the textile industrial sector. They interviewed and hired me, and since that moment my professional growth has been gradual and continuous. I thank the company for having invested in me from the beginning, giving me the opportunity to learn new things and making me do a lot of training.


  • What does your work mean to you? What about the Tonello Company?

I experience work as a personal challenge. Every day I try to improve myself to demonstrate to myself first of all, but also to others, what I am capable of.
Tonello is a place where, if you demonstrate what you want to do, you are also rewarded. It is certainly a company that invests in people and is quick to show appreciation for their efforts.


  • How is your relationship with your colleagues?

It’s very positive. My most direct colleague, that is, the one I interact most with is Carlo. We have the same role, we have an excellent relationship and he has always been very helpful to me. He has never shown himself to be “covetous” of his previous experience in the world of dyeing and washing, but rather, he often gives me excellent advice and indications.


  • What was the most exciting moment in your history at Tonello, what was the most difficult one…

The most exiting is certainly the 15th of the month (payday)! It goes without saying that the 14th coincides with the most difficult. LOL

Seriously, though, the most exciting moments come when after a period of training with a customer, they are able to put into practice the suggestions for getting the best results. Theirs always coincides with ours! I couldn’t tell you what the most difficult moment is, I think it’s still the 14th of the month.


  • What do you think are the Tonello’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Reliability is our strong point: thanks to our research center, the customer can actually touch and try out our product. Those who have the opportunity to visit us will understand that what we say coincides with what we sell, nothing more and nothing less. From my past work experiences, I can confirm that the Tonello product is absolutely the most versatile. Our weak point lies in sometimes underestimating some of our projects.

Stefano Isonni Tonello quote

  • Recently, Tonello has tried to define its reference values: what do you think of them?

I believe that they are Tonello’s representative values. As things are today, talking about sustainability is not very efficient or significant: it has become a fad, a given. Our company adopted a responsible behavior that is much more valuable, long before it became a trend. As for reliability, just think about how many Tonello machines there are around the world that have been working for more than 30 years.


  • Of these different values, which one do you relate to the most?

Sustainability. Just try to imagine how much water is consumed, how many chemical products are used, and how much pollution is generated by producing garments. My job is also a mission for me:  if we trust technology and sustainable processes, the lower the environmental impact will be and the better the quality of our future will be.

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