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#MadeByPeople: Antonio Busato

“Made by People” is the section of our blog dedicated to our extended family, to everyone, who face the toughest challenges along with us, with commitment, talent, team spirit, courage, and with the strength and determination of those who knows they are doing something important and essential.


This time we’ll be starring Antonio Busato, Tonello’s Area Sales Manager.

  • How long have you worked at Tonello and what role do you play there?

I’ve been working at Tonello for more or less … a long time! For 30 years, to be exact.

I am currently working as Area Sales Manager, but that hasn’t always been my job. I started out doing internal testing on the machines, and then travelling around Europe to install and repair machines. For a brief time I dealt with technical and telephone assistance, and only later, at the 1999 Paris ITMA, did I begin my career as Sales Manager.


  • Describe your job…

My primary role is undoubtedly that of promoting the Tonello brand in the geographic areas I follow. I have been the pioneer in a number of Countries, and currently I’m concentrating more on the European, South African, and Central and South American markets.


  • In just a few words, tell us about your story in Tonello.

I remember well that first moment when I felt like the company was a bit too much “mine”. This phase meant a lot to me: it lead me to some internal conflicts, but it served to put my approach into perspective and help me to concentrate on my work goals. Without a doubt it promoted a 360° growth.


  • What does your work mean to you?

It’s a social role, not a simple sales role. It leads me to interface with other people, to be in constant dialogue. Clearly, my purpose is sales and it’s part of my job, but I always try to go further: I try to establish a sincere relationship with everyone I deal with.


  • What about the Tonello Company? What has changed over recent years?

It’s a company in continual evolution, thanks to the ethics and commitment of a team of people who have always believed in and supported this growth. There has been a balance between progress and correct company management, and this is also the reason that today we hold the title of world leader in the production of garment treatment technologies.


  • How is your relationship with your colleagues?

My relationship with people has always been very good. Obviously, as in all situations, there are disagreements, but there is never a lack of sincerity, frankness, and humility. This is a very positive thing that distinguishes Tonello.


  • Is “team work” a dream or a reality? Does it work?

It must be a reality, and in fact it is: it works and this is very important. Everyone’s ability and willingness to listen is essential. Everyone must be able to confront and express themselves, while maintaining the maximum respect for others, also considering their age and experience.


  • What was the most exciting moment in your history at Tonello, what was the most difficult one…

When they gave me a company car, which they then took away from me, I was really disappointed, but it was just a misunderstanding 🙂. Aside from this, there have not been any particularly difficult moments: there are times when it is not easy to reach the goals you set, but over time you learn to see the big picture.

  • Do you have any particular anecdotes to tell?

I remember an April Fool’s Day a number of years ago. I asked our Belgian agent to call our founder, Osvaldo Tonello, with an unusual request from a customer: a washing machine with a triangular basket! Playing along, the agent called Osvaldo who promptly went to work. Obviously, we retracted the order a few hours later and Osvaldo laughed heartily at the joke. In any case, I’ve played so many that I could write a book about them!

I remember when I played barman in an old Russian hotel during a trip, and while we were in Madrid when we missed our flight for A Coruña. That was my fault. Every time I travel, I count on others, but this time the others were also counting on me. Moral of the story: no one had bothered to do the check-in and so we missed the plane.


  • Recently, Tonello has tried to define its reference values: what do you think of them?

It’s all true, but it’s a volatile concept, there is always something that can be improved.


  • In concrete terms, do you see these things applied in everyday reality or are they just words?

I see them applied in everyday situations, especially recently. Sustainability is the main point that we are working on: we are noticing that people exhibit more responsible and attentive behavior, so I would say that the data is positive.


  • What do the word reliability mean to you?

Reliability is important, both when we talk about products and when we talk about people. It is a must that goes hand-in-hand with the concept of behavioral accountability.


  • In concrete terms, do you see these things applied in everyday reality or are they just words?

What represents me best is the desire to get things done, that I can translate into passion. For me, passion means not stopping at stereotypes, trying to look beyond, and being curious, always!

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