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#MadeByPeople: Lucrezia Saccardo

Companies are identified first and foremost with their products. But these products come from the daily commitment of people who, at all levels, bring to bear their experience, professionalism and talent. Our trump card is to be found in our people, for they are our added value: it is they who make us grow and improve, day after day.


On this episode of #MadeByPeople we’ll be starring Lucrezia Saccardo, Tonello’s Marketing Specialist.

Lucrezia Saccardo Women in Denim Tonello

  • How long have you worked at Tonello and what role do you play there?

I’ve been working at Tonello for a little over 2 years as a Marketing Specialist.


  • Describe your job…

I’m responsible for internal and external company communication, dedicating most of my time to managing the company’s social media both in terms of content creation and copy. I organize advertising and promotional campaigns, develop graphic material, and follow the creative projects realized in collaboration with artists and designers. All this is done with the constant support of the entire Marketing team.


  • In just a few words, tell us about your story in Tonello.

It has been like unwrapping a gift you don’t expect, but that you’ve always wanted. I remember that the first time I entered Tonello’s research center, I expected to see a simple industrial laboratory, certainly not a creative area. I admit, I started out prejudiced, but then I had the opportunity to understand just how fascinating this world could be.


  • What does your work mean to you?

It means growth, not just professional but personal as well. I am always presented with new challenges and new projects to work on, and this requires great flexibility and an open mind. This environment has certainly helped me and still helps me overcome personal insecurities, and in this my colleagues play a fundamental role.


  • What about the Tonello Company?

I think it’s much more than a simple company. Tonello is an extended family, and I am sure that it was our founder’s desire to make it so. Here the employees are treated with great respect, they are worried about, they are listened to, and they are given freedom of expression. It is rare to find this type of company today, I consider myself very fortunate.


  • How is your relationship with your colleagues?

I love my colleagues and their ability to make work fun. They are all good people, with whom I’ve cultivated relationships that go beyond the work environment. Defining them as colleagues is a bit of an understatement, I prefer to call them friends, confidants, guides.


  • Is “team work” a dream or a reality? Does it work?

This is a situation that can be improved in some aspects. Teamwork is something we do every day, there is nothing that is not the result of teamwork or the collaboration between several people. The lack of this, at times, is dictated by the different (and understandable) priorities in each department.


  • What was the most exciting moment in your history at Tonello, what was the most difficult one…

The absolutely best moment was when Alice asked me to go to New York for the NY Denim Days Fair. I had been at Tonello for only a short time, and I certainly didn’t expect to receive a similar proposal. It was a gesture that I really appreciated, as it certainly wasn’t a given. Perhaps the most difficult moment was organizing the ITMA 2019 Fair. When you have so many responsibilities and the company gives you their maximum confidence, there is always a fear that you’ll make mistakes and disappoint their expectations.

  • What should Tonello do to promote growth?

It’s true that we can always do better, but I think it is sufficient to maintain this rhythm. In particular, there are some people inside Tonello who encourage others to do more and develop new ideas and solutions, I think the is the real engine of the company.


  • Recently, Tonello has tried to define its reference values: what do you think of them? What do the words sustainability and reliability mean to you?

When I saw them, right away I thought that they were the best way to describe our reality and our people.

Sustainability, for me, means thinking and acting responsibly. Preferring a canteen or thermos to a plastic cup doesn’t make us heroes, but the constant attention and respect for the environment makes us better and more conscientious.

Reliability is synonymous with certainty, but it also means consistency between what we say and what we do.


  • Of these different values, which one do you relate to the most?

Personally, I find myself relating most to the value of “people”. They are the building blocks of the company, and without them I don’t think we’d be here talking about Tonello’s successes!

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