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Mago Site Manager: close to you, wherever you are

In an ever larger world, we have found a way to clear the distances and offer you an even more timely, efficient and decisive assistance and maintenance service.

With Mago Site Manager, we virtually bring our technicians and technologists into your company without emitting even a gram of CO2. Almost like teleportation!

Mago Site Manager is much, much more than a normal remote assistance and maintenance service: it is a privileged channel for dialogue and communication, which takes our collaboration and technical service to a higher level.

Tonello Mago Site Manager

This brand new technological platform allows us to be always close to you, ensuring the maximum in terms of product and service quality: with Mago Site Manager we can intervene almost immediately to solve – and better yet to prevent – any possible problem of operation of your machines.

We can also easily carry out all the necessary firmware and software updates – from PC and PLC – without wasting time.


Mago Site Manager: safety first

Mago Site Manager is totally safe, since it does not connect to your corporate network, but creates its own dedicated and protected WiFi network, which can be connected via hotspot to most smartphones. Privacy, transparency, security of your company data are thus guaranteed.


The advantages of Mago Site Manager

  • Immediate and decisive assistance and maintenance
  • Lower costs deriving from machine downtime: we can solve the problem as soon as it arises, directly from our headquarters, saving time and avoiding costly transfers
  • Faster and more precise diagnosis: Tonello technicians and technologists have a global view of each component of the machine, including reports, alarm history and any signal of potential problems
  • Ability to train your staff in the use of our machines: also in this case, the drastic reduction in time and costs is evident


In short, Mago Site Manager allows us to find solutions, check the situation, improve daily work, optimize investments: in fact, the machines always work at their best and their value is maintained longer over time.

With Mago Site Manager we are already able to give you quick and decisive answers because it allows us to work side by side with you, wherever you are, just as if we were present on site.


And Mago Site Manager is now available on all Tonello machines!


Mago Site Manager: all Tonello assistance increasingly timely, efficient and safe.

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