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Teamwork is how everyday people achieve remarkable goals, by dividing the task and multiplies the success.
It maximizes strengths, bringing out the best in each team member. Teamwork helps us grow as people and accomplish more than we ever could on our own.

Fabio Fanton, Tonello’s Head of Service Department, tells us about the importance and role that work plays in his life, and how he reflects himself in the company’s values.

  • How long have you worked at Tonello and what role do you play there?

I’ve  been working at Tonello for about a year and a half, initially as a travelling technician. Shortly after I started, I was asked to change roles and I became the Head of the Service Department. I still thank the company for having given me so much trust so soon. 

Specifically, I deal with the supervision of everything related to installing the machines in foreign territory, as well as managing warrantee and repair interventions. It’s a great role, especially thanks to my team of travelling technicians.


  • In just a few words, tell us about your story in Tonello.

A challenge for both personal and professional growth!


  • What does your work mean to you? What about the Tonello Company?

For me, work means knowing how to always reach my goals without finding faults or looking for guilty parties, putting customer satisfaction in first place as a goal.

Tonello is synonymous with family. But also with opportunities for growth, flexibility, and attention for the private lives of its employees. It is a source of continual stimuli, and this allows me to start my day with a big smile. Even though I’ve been here only a short time, I’ve noticed an internal reorganization that aims at creating a situation even more structured and efficient.


  • How is your relationship with your colleagues? Is “team work” a dream or a reality?

It works and it’s reality, but there is always room for improvement. In my opinion, we never get there: who says there have to be limits on the path to growth?


  • What was the most exciting moment in your history at Tonello, what was the most difficult one…

The most exciting was when they made me head of the service department. For me that was a great joy that immediately translated into more responsibilities. For this reason, I think it was also my most difficult passage.


  • What should Tonello do to promote growth?

Never stop focusing on people, and working towards sustainability. It is essential to set greater goals, especially with regards to innovation.


  • What do you think is the Tonello’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Sustainable innovation is a strength: we inspire many other companies in our field, but sometimes this can prove to be a risk.



  • Recently, Tonello has tried to define its reference values: what do the words sustainability and reliability mean to you?

For me they are real, they are goals and thoughts that I have always pursued in my professional life. Here in Tonello I’ve found them again, and seeing them printed on paper means a lot, it’s always a big step forward. Furthermore, I see things applied. People, passion, innovation, reliability, responsibility: I couldn’t find better words to describe our company.


  • Of these different values, which one do you relate to the most?

Passion and people, on the same level of importance.


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