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#MADEBYPEOPLE: Maurizio Morosini

Each Tonello person is a leading figure in the history of the company and an ambassador of its values. Aware of talents, skills, experiences. And responsibility.
We are talking about real people, therefore, passionate and convinced; not superheroes but daily and credible protagonists of a path of innovation and research that has made, does, and will do, the greatness of the Tonello brand.

On this episode of #MadeByPeople we’ll be starring Maurizio Morosini, Tonello’s Sales Director.

  • Describe your job…

My job is to manage the daily activity of the area managers who make up the sales team. In addition to this and supporting our foreign agents, I take care of medium- and long-term planning, optimizing and maximizing the turnover to be achieved. It is up to me to direct the orchestra with the help of all my collaborators. And last but not least, I take part in the company’s strategic and decision-making process.


  • In just a few words, tell us about your story in Tonello.

My adventure at Tonello has surely been something that I was looking for and it has given me a sense of belonging since the very beginning. It was a challenge before I ever started, but at the same time it’s been an opportunity for personal growth. Today it’s a beautiful story but there’s still a lot that is yet to come.


  • What does your work mean to you?

For me it means many things: I’ve had different experiences in many companies, having had the good fortune to work in companies considered to be leaders in the field. One’s job means a lot: most of your time is spent there so there must be something there that you are passionate about, something that you like, and that allows you to express yourself in the best way.


  • What about the Tonello Company?

It’s a company I’d always been interested in, even before I started working here. Tonello is a figure of outstanding excellence in garment treatment field, nationally, but above all internationally. For me, it means being part of a company that has always had its say in a concrete way.


  • What has changed over recent years?

Compared to the vast majority of people who work here, I’ve only been here for a short time, but I have still seen many positive changes. I see them today, and I saw them from the outside, even before joining this team. The company is aware that the business and the way its people relate change, and the company is evolving in step with this.


  • Is “team work” a dream or a reality? Does it work?

It’s the basis of everything: from a certain point of view it is a dream (and dreaming doesn’t cost anything), but fortunately most of the time it’s a reality. In any case, we aim for fewer dreams and more reality! 😊


  • What was the most exciting moment in your history at Tonello, what was the most difficult one…

I like to think that the most exciting one is still to come! Certainly my arrival in Tonello was one such moment: for me it was like a dream come true! Being part of this team is a source of pride, as is the feeling of trust from being part of the family, the atmosphere. The hard part comes when you are part of a group of strong people who have been working at the company for a long time: integrating is never easy, but here, it wasn’t difficult either.

  • What should Tonello do to promote growth?

I believe that they’ve taken the right road, and that their desire for constant updating is present and strong. Tonello has always been a company at the forefront from many points of view, but I believe that we can improve our “team” workmanship. Most of the time it’s already good, but we have to put ourselves in the condition where each one of us can give our best, but we’re working well on that.


  • What do you think is the Tonello’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Tonello’s main strength lies in the content of its heritage, in its history. Above all, Tonello’s strength lies in people: in particular, there are many young figures who carry on this historical content with great pride. Their weakness… well, I hope there isn’t one, or at least that we don’t let anyone know about it. 😉


  • Recently, Tonello has tried to define its reference values: of these different values, which one do you relate to the most?

Values like responsibility, passion, and people are basic in most individuals. As a human I identify completely with these values and they absolutely represent a reality such as ours.


  • What do the words sustainability and reliability mean to you?

Sustainability is a concept that has been over-discussed and rehashed, today talking about it is important but it’s taken for granted.

We prefer to talk about “responsibility”: everyone must do their best to achieve better conditions in general, and this is precisely the true meaning of sustainability. Credibility is the basis of everything, and as far as I’m concerned, I am also referring to the transparency between people. In Tonello we know it well: it is an inherent value, it always has been.

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