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#MADEBYPEOPLE: Fatbardh Lame

It is essential to build a transparent relationship with the customer. But first of all, it is essential to build a relationship with your employees. People need to feel listened to but also gratified, appreciated and stimulated in order to be able to deliver the required results.

Let them do the talking: in this episode, Fatbardh Lame tells us about his journey at Tonello, full of emotions and opportunities!

  • How long have you worked at Tonello and what role do you play there?

You can call me a newbie! 😉 I came to Tonello two years ago, more or less. I’m part of the sales office, but I deal primarily with spare parts and machine upgrades.

I support the sales, spare parts, and service departments for the whole offer process, both for spare parts and retrofits. I have a direct relationship with customers, especially during the sales phase. Moreover, as of this year, I also follow the areas of Sri Lanka and Vietnam with the support of my colleague Zaccaria.

  • In just a few words, tell us about your story in Tonello.

Being able to work in this company has been a big personal victory: it is no secret that I’ve always wanted to be part of it.

  • What does your work mean to you? What about the Tonello Company?

I like my job, it’s stimulating and gives me lots of energy: in the end, satisfaction also comes from the type of role you play. But even before this, there’s the team. I think that I’d be willing to do any kind of job if I could be supported by a good team.

Regarding the Tonello Company… well, it really represents the team that I was looking for!

  • You’ve only been here for a short time, how does it seem to you?

Considering  on my past work experiences, this is the first time that I’ve found myself in a company able to listen to their employees’ advice, analyzing it, and applying it. The decisions are always made involving the group, and this leads every one of us to feel more motivated and helpful.

  • How is your relationship with your colleagues? Is “team work” a dream or a reality? Does it work?

The relationship between us is truly pleasing and sincere. Sometimes we may argue or have conflicting ideas, but the willingness to discuss things in a constructive manner never changes.

The team work is great! I was welcomed better than I hoped I would be, and although a year has already passed, the hospitality of the Tonello team is always the same.

  • What was the most exciting moment in your history at Tonello, what was the most difficult one…

The absolute best moment was when they confirmed my contract. The most difficult one, on the other hand, happened towards the end of last year. And it wasn’t for lack of collaboration by the departments or for a decline in work, on the contrary, there was a peak of orders that was difficult to manage. Well, obviously we hope that this type of difficulty happens often! 🙂

  • Do you have any particular anecdotes that makes you smile?

The thing that impressed me most was when my colleague from sales, Franco Zaccaria, told me: “You are our Ronaldo!” Said by a person who has worked in Tonello for more than 30 years, it carries a certain value. I’m happy, I wake up with lots of energy, and, as it hasn’t happened for many years, I head to work with the music blaring! If you see some crazy person flying through the streets of Sarcedo at 8 o’clock in the morning, you’ll know who to get in touch with, LOL.

  • What should Tonello do to promote growth?

The world is changing, and with it the requests of our customers. I believe that we’re on the right path, not that we have to jump through who knows what hoops in order to grow. However, what is necessary is that each of us realizes what an incredible company we are part of. We are market leaders, and we must never forget this!

  • What do you think are the Tonello’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?

I’ve been convinced since the beginning that our strength lies in people. If we were a simple company that made washing machines, the weakness would be just that, but fortunately this is not the case. We don’t produce simple washing machines, we produce cutting-edge technologies.

  • What do the words sustainability and reliability mean to you?

Words like sustainability and reliability mean that the product that we are selling will accompany our customers for a long time, enabling them to produce more responsibly. Everything we do, we do because we believe in it. They are not just words, and it’s just not a question of simply reducing consumption because it’s trendy, but because we believe that it is the right and necessary thing to do.

  • Of these different values, which one do you relate to the most?

For me, people and passion are at the top of the pyramid.

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