Tonello. Garment Finishing Technologies.

Since 1981 we have designed and manufactured garment finishing technologies that have contributed to the extraordinary success of the Made in Italy label worldwide.

The history of Tonello started in the early 1980s, when the company created the first side-loading washing machines to meet the new, fast-growing demand for stone-wash finishes and used effect.

Always with a close eye on the latest fashion trends, we diversified our range with our famous Brush Robot for automatic brushing of garments, and with the world’s first Laser machine. Shortly after, we introduced leading-edge technology for the creation of 3D whiskers: Bohemia.

We design our machines in-house and accurately engineer them in terms of efficiency, performance, safety and sustainability to ensure lower water and energy consumption, as well as reduced emissions. This has led to our being certified as a Supplier of Sustainable Technologies by ACIMIT and successful testing has meant that our entire production range has been awarded the Green Label.

Examples of our sustainable technologies include the outstanding Jet Dyeing Machine, with its innovative savings and quality features, and the Nitrogen Dyeing Machine, designed for eco-friendly sulphur dyeing in a nitrogen atmosphere. These machines can be used for dyeing at an extremely low liquor ratio of just 1:2 on wet garments.

One of our latest developments is ECOfree. This new ozone washing system is capable of creating a pure indigo look with greater contrast on the seams while saving up to 80% in terms of water, energy and time. Another incredible feature of ECOfree is that in many cases it is possible to avoid stone-wash processes, making the working environment completely safe and healthy, while obtaining even better results.

Since 1997, we have had our own R&D team of highly-qualified technicians and designers, which has received approval from the Ministry for Education, University and Research. This is where we start our research work, developing new technologies and implementing new solutions.
But our R&D Department is much more than this, we also provide a unique service for customers and stylists, letting them  experience the full potential of our amazingly innovative know-how.

We have always been inspired by our passion for work and attention to detail, constantly striving to achieve the best results in a combination of efficiency, sustainability and safety.


Tonello. Garment Finishing Technologies